You can now select German as an alternative language

As the first available additional language for Community Server 2.0 - I’ve now installed the German translation as an alternative to English.

You can go into your profile and in the “About” tab select the language. Click save, and then you soon will see most texts in German instead of English. I say most, as it really is not yet all. Hopefully a better version comes soon.

And of cause also notice that only the fixed texts of the site is translated. Not any of the posts etc.
But if you really just want everything to be German, then the only place to go is the German forum.

I’ve tested the german language layer.

The most texts are translated but I’ve selected again the english one because it is a little bit difficult for me to read the topics in english and the descriptions in german.

I think it is easier to read everything in english but this is my opinion.

Another thing is, if I want to explain some functions of this community site, I want to know the english texts.

Could you also install Czech? I get the feeling that the reason we don’t have many active Czech users, is because of Language. When you concider that 30% of the Dynamics NAV MVPs are here, they should be more active. If you create Czech Language forum, I will moderate it, (unless Kamil wants to step forward and offer - hint hint).

I will look into the option of the Czech language. Do you know if they have released it for CS2.0?

As to a Czech forum, then yes if someone else also would like to see this…

Hmm yes I see I still have ver 1 installed form when doing the upgrade (well trying), I will check if its there for 2.0

Basically there are a lot of Czechs interested, but are nervous about using English,these are mainly Navision end users. Lets hold off on the Czech Forum till we see if we can get the language, and then if I can get the people interested.

Well I’ve now created it, you need to send me the forum description in czech…

Just checked it out. There is still no Czech language layer for Community Server 2.0. Sorry!

Well leave the forum there for now anyway, lets see if we can get some people here involved.

I will send you some text for the forum name, and then Kamil can correct my Czech later [;)]