Year opening balance journal entry


One of my clients exports the entire journal from NAV to Excel and sends it to me. I check it before the financial year statements are made up.

The first year for this admin in NAV is 2007. That year has been closed using the standard procedure. For some reason the journal of 2008 does not contain an opening balance.

Is it possible to generate an opening balance (’ 08) in the journal after closing the previous year ('07) ?

Thanx for your help!

Since the client is using NAV since 2007, you can get the beginning balance for 2008 by applying Date Filter to whatever the report/form they’re using.

Hi Alex,

Applying the date filter does limit the journal entries to those of 2008, but these entries do not include the journal entries for the opening balance. Do you know why?

Thanx for your quick reply.

In the US version, there’s a report called Trial Balance. It has the beginning balance based on the date filter.

To directly answer your question, NAV doesn’t keep a “total”. Everything is calculated in real time, so to get the numbers you want, you’ll need to apply the date filters in question.