Year End Closing

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I am curious to know how can we proceed for Year-End closing and tranfer opening transactions to a new fiscal year .

Can anyone guide what should be the sequence of Steps while doing Fiscal year closure with condition that transferring of opening transactions to next fiscal year ?

Have you tried this link?

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Haylen is shouls try the link


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We have run the Year end process as per above given blog, we have one doubt in this process. With the yearend effect system is posting multiple lines for one account. Is there any option to post single line for account. Please help me any one on this…

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Rajesh Kumar

Multiple lines for one account will be caused if you have the posted transactions to different dimension combinations. Suppose you have 2 transactions for department1,costcenter1 and 2 transactions for department2, cost center2. Closing effect creates two transactions one for “dep1,CC1” combination and another transaction for “Dep2,CC2”.

However, you can have an option to post a single line for which you need to decide which dimension should be used for the single line.

You should do this in “dimensions” tab in “Fiscal year close>Opening transactions” form.

You mean that if we disable the dimension option in the dimension tab , it will not post multiple lines . Is it correct ?

but what is the suggest able way ? [*-)]

Hi Santosh ,

Could you give the reply?

Exactly, The answer of your questions depends upon client’s requirement, that how they want to carry forward the balances, whether they want to transfer the balances with dimensions or without dimensions,

It is suggested to go with transfer with dimesnion so that you will have the complete history maintained in the system.

Reema, I’m sorry for the late reply, i missed out this thread. I agree with sachin that suggested way is to go on with dimensions that are posted. Alternatively, based on clients’ requirement you can transfer them to the required dimensions.

Regarding your other question about disabling the dimension option…you are right, if you disable that parameter, your closing transactions will not have the dimensions and thus posts a single line.