Year end closing transaction

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I am closing the year 2011 in my company, for that i follow the document from internet and while making the “closing sheet” when i click on the “load balances” i am not getting the figure in “balance” column rather i found on “Difference” column. My question is this do we have to manually have to enter the figure in "balance " column as what we have in the “difference” . And after that click on post.


Yes , you need to enter the actual balance in the balance field , then system automatically update the difference amount.

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Please take a look at your leder account setup as this setup has an influence on the column in which you can identify the amounts posted in the closing sheet.

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Can you explain bit more ?

Hello Imran / Ludwig,

Can you both please explain how to do Year end closing transaction in AX2012… What need to be set up in Ledger account…

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Hi Mansoor

i dont know about in AX 2012 but for AX 2009 you can go through the following link:

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I close the year but in some of the ledger account the amount is not been transfer when i generate the trail balance if the “include Opening” and “closing transaction” check mark is uncheck, i also check the “account type” in “chart of account” as it is of “Assets” type.

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Did you set whether the account is a Result, Balance, or Capital in Chart of accounts, general tab, CLOSE field?

hi Heylin

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no i havnt set anything there, and currently it is blank.


Then you should set it up.

that means before closing we have to set the close field, and if we have to fill this what should we fill.

Hi Haq,

You need to set up in Close - a) Balance for Balance Sheet account b) Close for Profit & Loss account c) Capital for Capital account


Thanks Ali for the information

well now i have done it without doing so then why opening balance is not showing for some of the accounts only.

And also i did the closing what should i do now, please advise me.


can anyone advise me plz…

“Close” feild we use in the chart of account, so that when we prepare the closing sheet the balances move automatically in the result, balance or in capital column. And also i got how can i reverse the closing.

But the question still here “why the opening balance is not showing for some of the accounts”

please advise me


Finally i got the solution.

Actually there is some misunderstanding in generation of the Trail Balance report, actually i was selection the transaction in the criteria, rather we have to select the closing balance. And one more thing, if the transaction during the year is not their it will not show the opening balance also if you selected the transaction in the criteria.



In Chart of Account/General/ Close feild, we use when we create the closing sheet for the year closing, the amount come in the respective column in closing sheet.e.g. if you select “balance” in Chart of accounts then in closing sheet it will come under balance column.

Here i got the solution, actually if we generating the trail balance report and during the year transaction is not there then it will not show that account whether it have opening balance or not.

For that it is better to put the closing balance in the criteria and generate the trail balance.


Hi Heylin,

Could you please explain the rule of setting ‘result’, ‘balance’ and ‘capital’? Thanks.