Year End Closing of Consolidated Company

We have several subsidiary companies that close into one parent company. We have been able to successfully close the subsidiary companies but can not close the parent company. We use Online-Consolidation to populate the parent company with the subsidiaries financial numbers. Next, we go to General Ledger menu-Periodic-Fiscal Year Close-Closing Sheet. We enter the fiscal & posting dates; load the account balances from the company accounts; transfer & post the resulting information to retained earnings. Then we go to the Open Transactions menu, enter the fiscal date & retained earnings account number. When I run a Balance Sheet for the consolidated company, I get numbers that are too small to be correct for the closing balances. However, I was able to successfully close the prior year (i.e. I am able to see the correct totals in the Prior Year column of the Balance Sheet but the Current Year totals are not correct). What am I doing wrong? Is it possible I don’t have the chart of accounts set up correctly in the parent or the subs? Do you need to close the consolidated company when the subsidiary companies are closed? HELP!!! Sherry