Year end closing in AX 2009.

When I am closing the financial year with “Set period status to year closed” check box checked in the parameter form of GL, the system is throwing an error that “the closing period (closing period of the financial year) is not closed”.

If I manually close the periods and run the financial year closing process,then the system change the period status to ‘Year Closed’.

I would like to know -

  1. the use of above parameter and

2)The difference between period status ‘Closed’ and ‘Year Closed’.


The “set period status to year closed” is effecitvely a way to force all periods to be closed before the closing/opening is run. If the checkbox is checked, all periods - as you already noticed - shall be closed in order to run the closing. It gives the auditors extra reassurance that the financial year is indeed closed when the closing is run.

Iam not aware of any real difference between “closed” and “year closed”, although I havent used year closed really. I think you should run a quick test to find out whether the closing can be rolled back on a “year closed” year. Anyhow, it does not make much sense to roll back the closing anyhow, because you cannot make any postings to the closed year.



Hi David,

Thanks for the reply.

I have already done the testing and after that only i have reached to this conclusion.

I think its only to define that the year is closed. But still, it doesn’t make any sense, bcoz if a period is closed you can’t make any entry.