Xpos value on tabular form

Hi all, let have a tabular form (e.g. F46 Sales Lines). Each field has its Xpos and Ypos coordinates, but they are meaningless. When I insert a new field, the system assigns a Xpos value to that field. This value is valid in range 0…100000. Setting the value out of this range, causes a compile error. Sometimes the system sets the a Xpos value bigger as 100000 (e.g. 105754). Still the form is able to compile. But after exporting the object as text, it cannot be imported, the error message is: The XPos cannot be 105754. The permitted values are: ‘infinite’, ‘default’, or integers from 0 to 100000. Any suggestions why the system generates Xpos values out of range?

Hi Jozef It seems that Navision just goes on the last XPos that has been used (depending where on the form you are adding the control) and increments it the required amount for the field being added. It doesnt seem to check this property when compiling or importing a fob but only when importing a txt file. I think this is one for the guys in Denmark! Col