XP and Navision

I am currently having issues with the operation of the Navision Fin software on a new XP pro machine. It won’t allow the Acct Mgr to use the software with out going to the machine as a stand alone and then logging in, or using the run as to the stand alone idenity. It runs fine that way but the system is no different and the user has all the needed persmissions as a network user. Are the any fixes and changes to resolve this. dcrook@hotshot.to

Hi Crook, As you probably know Navision creates a zup file where it stores all the user specific settings. In Win 2000 and XP this file gets created in C:\Documents & Settings\UserName.Domain\ (or somewhere around that). It may be that a regular user does not have permissions for that folder (since it is a folder with system data as well). The solutions are: either to give more permissions to the user or even better to put in the icon for Navision the following parameter: id = ADrive:\path that user has access to\username. Then the zup file will be created there. Hope that helps Cristi