XMLport with JobQueue


I have a problem importing my XMLport using jobqueue !

I created a Codeunit which runs my XmlPort, when I run the codeunit from RTC it works fine ! but when I run it with JOBQUEUE I get the following error message :

The XML Parser return the following fatal error :

Incorrect document syntax.

Line Number = 1 Column Number = 1

I don’t Understand why I get this error, I thought that we can use XMLport with job queue ?!

My Navision version is : Dynamics NAV 6.0 SP1

Thank you for your help.


Hi Raf,

Yes you can use XMLPorts with the Job Queue and I’m sure it’s not the Job Queue causing your problem. I assume that you’re running the Job Queue under the application server?

If yes, then you should first try to run the codeunit manually using the classic client (NAS in 2009 runs in classic mode). If it fails here, then your problem is not the Job Queue but the fact that its running classic mode.

If it runs fine here, then try to run the Job Queue “manually” from the classic client.

Thank you for your response.

Yes my codeunit shows the same error when I run it from classic mode. So do you know how could I execute my xmlport with NAS ?

Thank you for your help.

do you use variables of type automation?

If you get the same error from classic, then the problem is not the JobQueue, but that you’re using some code which is not compatible with the classic mode. As Jonathan suggest, then this might be automation.

But it could also be that you’re doing some file manipulation. Remember when you run it using RTC, then the file references are on the NST server, while from classic client, the references are on the client.

You need to find and fix the errors preventing you from running it on the classic client first.