XMLPort NAV 2009 SP1 import decimal data, wrong value caused by Decimal Seperator?

Dear all,

i have a xmlPort used for importing data. When i import decimal values the value in the navision database isn’t correct.

In Example:
Table: testTable Field: testField Typ Decimal
In the XMLPort the Field is set to Type:Field Fieldvalidate=No

In the Import File there is the following value 9.34567

After running the Import NAV shows me as value in the table 93.4567,00. It seems that it uses “.” not as decimal seperator it uses it as thousend seperator. I work on a German Windows 7 and NAV 2009 SP1, Windows 7 Setting for decimal seperator is “,” and for Thousand Seperator is “.”

Any suggestions to solve that issue?



Hi Ingo,

Use EVALUATE function to convert imported value in decimal field.