XMLport(import) Node Name vs. Javascript format


Since we cannot declare a same node name in xmlport. Is it okay to have different name in xmlport vs. javascript?

There is a quote from API that I need to import in NAV. There is “courier_type” name that is duplicated.
With the following sample format:

            "success": true,
            **"courier_type"**: "Priority",
            "service_level": "priority",
            "quotes": [
                    **"courier_type"**: "Bonds",
                    "delivery_date": "2018-10-17",
                    "delivery_window": "10:00-13:00",
                    "delivery_window_desc": "10AM-1PM",
                    "price": 24.73

My NAV format is 


Will there be no problem when I import the file in NAV?

```Thank you in advance.`

Another reason why I prefer code to XMLPorts. You cannot do this in XMLPorts. The node names must match the file. You would need to “convert” the XML file before importing it.

Off course you can have multiple nodes having the same name, as long as they are not on the same level. All you have to do is to change the variable name for that node.