XMLPort for importing text files

I have a text file that i need to import into table 83 item journal line

text file contains data in format: itemno;locationcode;unitcost;quantity

so i designed xmlport fot these 4 values

root element text

ItemJournalLine element table

ItemNo element field

LocationCode element field

UnitCost element field

Quantity element field

when i start the xmlport and open txt file i get an error

Item Journal Template Name ‘’ does not exist

Is that happening because of table relation on Journal template name field ? And how can i fix this

you need to specify Template and Batch Name before importing

you can write code on Import::Afterinit Record

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How do i do that ? And how can i check for existing item no and modify it if its exist ?

You can write code and check whether the items are already there on the batch or not