XMLport - fixed text


I would like to do an XMLport with Fixed Text format.

For every element I should set the starting position and width, but I found only the width among properties of the elements.

At dataport there was an opportunity to set up both of them in Dataport Field menu.

At XMLport is it missing? (Or I don’ t find it…)

Thanks, Frida

I suggest you to write a report for this using FILE…

Its not there in XMLPORT

Thanks. Now I am trying doing it with dataport.

In dataport I have one field containing amount. In Nav the amount is grouped by three, so after exporting in the text file I have the next: 100˙000, instead of 100000.

Can I set up the format of the amount in order to have only numeric characters?

In Dataport Fields menu there is a Format property, but I don’t know whether it can be used for this and how to use it.

Thanks a lot, Frida

Use Format Function.

You mean using FORMAT function in the SourceExpr property?

Is it possible to do e.g. 0000100000 from 100˙000?

I need to have only numeric characters, and I should fill out the total 10 places (amount + zeros from left).

Can you help me how to this?


Hi, take a look at the PADSTR function to your your field.

You can search the forun,its been discussed lot of times…

I am closer to the solution, but it is not perfect yet…

I managed to do 0000001000 from an amount of 1000,00. I have in FormatProperty of the dataport item:

<Integer,13><Filler Character,0>

The SourceExpr is the amount.

But if I have the amount of 1000,55, the formatted output is 0000001000 in this case too. I need this output: 0000100055. And if I have the amount of 1000,00, then I need this: 0000100000. So I need the numeric characters without decimal point, with leading zeros to the length 10.

I know that it is because of the Integer datatype in FormatProperty, but I really don’t know what should I write intstead of it.

Can anyone help in this?