XMLport and large texts

Hi all,

My import XMLfile contains an unspecified number of sales orders/lines. One of the elements in the file is the product description, and this element can contain up to 4000 characters.

I don’t need this element and will be satisfied with bypassing it during import.

I’ve tested the following scenarios with the XMLport:

Scenario 1:

Element Properties:
Sourcetype = Text
TextType = Text
VariableName =Temp_Description

Code on the trigger: Product - Import::OnBeforeInsertRecord()
Temp_Description := ‘’;

Scenario 2:

Element Properties:
Sourcetype = Text
TextType = BigText

Both makes the XMLport fail when it encounter a large text element, leaving no error message.

Anyone suggestions on how to solve this issue?

I don’t do a lot of XMLports, but what happens if you don’t map the field / tag at all? Does that also throw an error or would it just skip right over it?

Hi Matt,

Actually, setting the element properties to

SourceType = Text,
TextType = BigText,
VariableName = MyVariable

makes the xmlport run through elements containing large texts. After all I need the contents (or part of) of the element, and was able to retrieve this by [RetLength] := BigText.GETSUBTEXT(Variable, Position [,Length]), found in help.

Thanks for responding.