XML Query

Hi, Im not sure Im on the right web site let alone forum!. I have created an XML export routine in c/side using the ‘Microsoft XML V3’ control, I have got the program succesfully creating the children against nodes (well almost!), my problem is I specify an ‘xmlns’ attribute to the dom document and give it a value, when I then create the children off this say ‘Invoice’ I get in the file . Does anybody know enough about xml to stop this? thanks

can you show your code ? the parts where you define the namespace and where creating the childs ? i use “elements” for building my xml an it works without any problems (v4).

Hi Edward, there are two ways of creating nodes… 1) DOM.createNode(type,name,namespaceuri => xmlns) e.g. DOM.createNode(1,‘Invoice’,‘test’) creates an - elementnode because of type 1 - with tagname ‘Invoice’ - whilke using the namespace ‘test’ 2) DOM.createElement(name) - this command will only create a new element without using specific namespace for this node… I hope this will help you… Stefan

Thats great thanks, using method 2, how do I assign a value to the element?