xml port error

Hi I am new to nav 2013. On running xml port I am getting error tht root not found in object description.

Pls help.

Welcome to DUG!!!

Following link might help you to understand how to create XMLPORT


Hi. I designed the xml port this way only. When I run it ask me to select file and when I select it says element does not found in object description.

Check whether encoding property set to UTF-8 of XMLPORT

Check whether variable description set to correct XMLPORT

Encoding is correct. Variable description. . Where can I check?

Have you copied the XMLPORT from another xmlport ?

If yes then there might be one of the variable which is marking towards old xmlport. Check the fields/variables.

It´s a problem with the UseDefaultnameSpace property. You have to set to No value.

Look in this knowledge Base Article. It was solved on Build