xml port creation

good morning

i am trying to import data through xmlport but while transfering the data the schema validation error occurs ;

can anyone help me out on how to create schema for xmlport for validation .

i m trying to import attendance sheet through xmlport " on doing so i get the error of validation on employee code "

during creation of xmlport in second line it need schema to be added on the attribute of node type field .

can anyone help me out on schema creation


Example for XMLport as belows

Node Name Node Type Source Type Data Source

Root Element Text

GeneralJournal Element Table <Gen. Journal Line>(Gen. Journal Line)

JournalTemplateName Element Field <Gen. Journal Line>::Journal Template Name

JournalBatchName Element Field <Gen. Journal Line>::Journal Batch Name

LineNo Element Field <Gen. Journal Line>::Line No.

DocumentNo Element Field <Gen. Journal Line>::Document No.

AccountType Element Field <Gen. Journal Line>::Account Type

AccountNo Element Field <Gen. Journal Line>::Account No.

PostingDate Element Field <Gen. Journal Line>::Posting Date

Description Element Field <Gen. Journal Line>::Description

Amount Element Field <Gen. Journal Line>::Amount

as well as there should not be any space in node name.