XML Parser Automation Problem

The following, MICROSOFT XML, VERSION 2, does not appear in the Automation List in Navision 3.70. I have tried to register the MSXML.DLL again, but it still does not appear in the Automation List. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Navision 3.70. The bottom line is that any object in Navision with XML code does not compile. I only have this problem on one PC.

Domenico, I believe on Win2000 if you’ve done the updates MSXML is upgraded to version 3 or later. You will have to refer to the Microsoft site to find out how to roll that back to version 2. As you’ve seen it’s not as easy as just registering the old DLL. I ran into similar problems with User Portal when a customer applied an upgrade to their Win2000 server UPAS was installed on.