XML Namespace created automaticaly


im creating a new XML File out of a table. The problem is i dont want the children of the root node to have the attribute xmlns. This happens automaticaly and its incorrect. If i have the attribute on the root element, no matter how it gets there it puts it in its child-nodes. How can i get ridd of it?

Thanks in advance.


Name DataType Subtype Length
L_DataXML Automation ‘Microsoft XML, v6.0’.DOMDocument60
L_XMLElement Automation ‘Microsoft XML, v6.0’.IXMLDOMElement
L_XMLAttribute Automation ‘Microsoft XML, v6.0’.IXMLDOMAttribute
L_XMLNode Automation ‘Microsoft XML, v6.0’.IXMLDOMNode
L_XMLOrderHeader Automation ‘Microsoft XML, v6.0’.IXMLDOMNode
L_XMLOrderItemList Automation ‘Microsoft XML, v6.0’.IXMLDOMNode
L_XMLOrderSummary Automation ‘Microsoft XML, v6.0’.IXMLDOMNode
------------------------------------------------C/AL CODE


L_XMLNode := L_DataXML.documentElement;

L_XMLOrderHeader := L_DataXML.createNode(1,‘ORDER_HEADER’,’’);


<?xml version="1.0"?>

-<ORDER xmlns=“test”>
<ORDER_HEADER xmlns=""/>

I am having the same issue. Did you ever resolve this?