XML integration

What is xml integration, how to do that in ax 2012?

Anyone suggest answers…

Integration is a very broad term - I assume your goal is having Dynamics AX communication with some other program in some way. It’s you who should tell us what you’re trying to achieve.

XML is a data format, so you never integrate with XML, but you can utilize it if you decide to base your integration on files (rather then web services, for instance).

Note that AX offers some features for application integration out of the box - see Services and Application Integration Framework and Data Import Export Framework. You can use them to import and export files in XML format, but it’s by no mean your only option.

Thanks Martin,
I’m in training period, today my task is XML integration without using AIF Services
I searched on internet all results are related with using AIF to do XML integration…
From your reply can i proceed with Data Import Export Framework…

Please tell us what you mean by “XML integration”. If you don’t know, you’ll have to ask the person who gave you the task.

We may help with the implementation, but we can’t tell you what you’re trying to integrate and what requirements and limitations you have for it. That’s what you have to tell us.