XML in NAV 3.70 how do you do it.

I am working in 3.70B SQL 2000, with no support contract, so no option of moving to 4.00 executables [:(]

They client has asked for advise on the best way to both export and import XML files. I would like opinions about what people felt most comfortable with:

  1. Batch routine that uses code to create the XML file structure manually and then disassemble XML on reading back.
  2. DataPort to CSV, and use a third party product to convert to from XML.
  3. ADO.
  4. External app. to read write to a Holding table on the NAV SQL database.
  5. Other.


PS the Export import happens once per month, so some manual intervention is OK.

In Navision 3.70 I like to use XML Automation.

If you really want to use dataports you can write a small application (C#, VB, etc) to convert to CSV before importing.

I also prefer XML Automation. For all of those problems I programmed a Module for defining general XML Document Structures in Navision using some Forms. After this I only need to give the needed Records as RecordRef Parameter to some general functions and I’ll get the XML File. It works the same way from XML Document into Navision Records. The problem is that all of your XML Files look equally and sometimes you cannot fit the customers structure. This often ends in a second transformation Super Angry

But building such a solution needs a lot of time. If the customer only needs a single XML Solution I would prefer some hard coding with XML Automation or maybe a CSV Export with some kind of transformation (XSL, EDI Converter e.g.).

Yes it looks like CSV<–> XML is looking to be the best way for simple requirements.

Hi pduck,

your Module seems to be very interesting. I thought of implementing the same idea. If you achieved all the functionality it implies it is very helpful. If you are ok with if i would ask you to show me how you did it.