XML import & export

Hi, I’m looking if somebody can send me or post in this forum some code samples (or a project !!!) for import and export of data in XML. It would be nice if somebody can tell me how it works really. On another side I would like to know if it’s possible to start batch job group as a service in Windows. Thanks Best regards

I have created a whole set of classes for XML import of different kind of documents, and complement set for XML export. We have been using this for more than a year now. The base classes which you should check are

  • XMLDocument
  • XMLNodeList
  • XMLNode
  • XMLAttribute
    Since Axapta supports DOM, you can use XQuery for selecting single or multiple nodes, attributes, etc. As for running batch group inside a Windows service, I think it would require external programming tools, which would entrail using ABC (Axapta Business Connector), which you can access as COM object. You could create windows service that connects to ABC, and then calls some class that extends RunBaseBatch. But I think this is redudant, since you can run Batch processing inside Axapta. But if you want to avoid using Batch processing, and extending RunBaseBatch, you could call some non-RunBaseBatch class, or some job from your Windows Service (through ABC). Hope this help [:)]