XML-Export with Axapta 3.0

I tried to manage XML-Export with Axapta 3.0. But there are many classes which include XML-functions, so that I’m a little bit confused. Can Someone help me. Thanks Daniel

Hi Daniel, for working with XML in AX you should use classes like: XMLDocument XMLNode XMLAttribute XMLNodeList Not all these classes are neccesary, especially for export. For XML export you would first instantiate XmlDocument object like: XMLDocument myXML = new XMLDocument(); Then create first node and append it to document (here root is XmlNode object): root = myXML.createElement("root"); myXML.appendChild(root); And then add additional elements with in following manner (here xn is XmlNode object): xn = myXML.createElement("Type"); xn.text("Test"); root.appendChild(xn); Attributes are created in following manner: atr = myXML.createAttribute("Count"); atr.setNodeTypedValue(100); xn.attributes().setNamedItem(atr); Hope this helps [:D]

Hi, Because Axapta uses MS standard XML engine the full documentation is in the MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/xmlsdk/html/d051f7c5-e882-42e8-a5b6-d1ce67af275c.asp at least DOM propeties and methods worked exactly as described there br,