XBRL Taxonomy in AX2009


I have quite a problem with importing and exporting a XBRL taxonomy into AX2009. It doesn’t work, and I can’t transfer it to the row definition for the financial statement.

Here what I do:

-I downloaded the official IFRS taxonomy

-I importet the .xscd files with “schema file”, and some ".xml" files with “Import linkbase file”.

-I then open “Details”, and try to transfer the taxonomy into a row structure with button “Transfer”. I get the message that it was successfully transfered, but when I open the row structure editor, there is nothing.

Then I try to export a XBRL taxonomy with a normal, already working taxonomy in the financial statement report. When I print it I get a normal report. When I export it as XBRL I just get an nearly empty *.xml file with only 4 KB.

What do I wrong? Is there somewhere a description available how to do this? I have access to the official Microsoft documentation, but it’s not very helpful.

Thanks in advance