XBRL - Attain 3.60

Hello people… Has anyone used the XBRL functionality, if yes then I have a question How to install XBRL automation components. When we compile report 504 it gives “Could not load the selected type library” thanx a ton guys.

What version of software? (All software)

I guess, as the headline says, Attain 3.60.

All software he’s using. Navision, Windows, Automation components, Kazaa, Mine Sweeper, all…

We got this same error when upgrading our systems. I think, from my experiences anyway, that part of the problem (so i beleive) is that you don’t have an XML Parser over version 3.0. I think if you have access to the MSDN website you should be able to download one which should solve your problem when installed. If you search under my user name and the keyword ‘upgrade’ or ‘XML’ on this website you may find a bit more detail. Hope this helps.