X++ Sql cannot outer join two table in one sentence?

static void Job165(Args _args)
Qty m_qty;
SalesLine m_SalesLine;

CustInvoiceTrans m_CustInvoiceTrans;
CustPackingSlipTrans m_CustPackingSlipTrans

select m_SalesLine
outer join sum(QtyPhysical) from m_CustInvoiceTrans
outer join sum(Qty) from m_CustPackingSlipTrans
where m_SalesLine.SalesId == ‘GSO14/000000059’
&& m_SalesLine.inventTransId == m_CustInvoiceTrans.inventTransId
&& m_SalesLine.inventTransId == m_CustPackingSlipTrans.inventTransId;


print m_qty;

when Pressed F7 ,profile iis Ok.

but when you run it ,error throwed:

“can not select record of table salesline,SQL Server report an error”

when only outer join one table CustInvoiceTrans or CustPackingSlipTrans,there is no error.

The code was fine could you plz synchronize the sales line table. And check again and also with below link