X++ Form data


I’m still Struggling with MSDN and X++

Is it possible to get hold of selected data on a form and use it in a method attached to a button?

In Invoice Journal Form ,VendInvoiceJour, I need the voucher number which is displayed on the form as StringEdit:VendInvoiceJour_LedgerVoucher.

I can drag it onto the method in the AOT, but Whatever I do with it, I get a syntax error.

Sorry I am unable to understand you requirement - Can you re-define it?

Bad sign when the experts dont even understand your question![:)]

Tends to indicate a fundamental misunderstanding, which is the case here! Sorry if I wasted any of your time, but looking at it again this morning, I realise it was a stupid question.

Even it is a stupid or small question - you will get answer - if you put it in a proper way.

Never Mind.