Wrongly selected vendor in purchase order & grn

The PO and GRN has been made incorrect vendor. It is not possible to undo the receipt because the inventory has already been sold.

i want to make the purchase invoice with correct vendor, kindly Help

i’m using navision 2013 r2.

In order to fix it you need to post a new, correct PO and a credit memo for the wrong vendor. Since the stock is already sold, application of item ledger entries must be fixed manually. I would suggest an algorithm:

  1. Create and post a PO for the correct vendor (let’s call it PO1)
  2. With the Application Worksheet, unapply the wrong PO (PO2)
  3. Still in the application worksheet, apply PO1 to the sales shipment Now item ledger entries of your PO2 are open and can be reversed with a credit memo.
  4. So, finally, you create a purchase credit memo and apply it to the PO2.