Wrong Version

After installing a new client (the 10th client), When I start the client, I get the error: Client and Server have different version? The build of the client and server are the same. Has anyone encounterd this problem and solved it?


Which NAV version you are running?

I think you have tried already, but what happens when you start your fin.exe direct from the folder you have installed in?

NAV 4.0 SP03

I have seen that before after an installation of a 3.70 client without removing a 3.60 client. When I started the fin.exe (3.7) from the program folder I did not get the error; only when started by a link.

I solved the problem by uninstalling 3.60 and 3.70 and installing 3.70 again. I was wonderung myself. Maybe a wrong entry in the registry. I was too lazy to look into it as problem was solved.

Hi Walter,

thank you for your help. In fact on the client, there was 3.70B installed. The client installed the possibility for me to connect to the client directly. So I looked into the services-file. The port 2407 was entered at the end and not in the right numerical position. So after correcting this, the connection is ok.