Wrong VAT calculated when using function Copy document (NAV2009 R2) (norwegian)


I’m trying to create an invoice for customer A, by copying a posted invoice from customer B. Invoice from customer A was posted with 25% VAT.

When copying document; Include Header: not ticked of - Recalculate lines: ticked of

When checking statistics, (F9), I see no VAT calculated.

I post document and go to Navigate to see VAT-lines: Posted = 2 and 25% VAT has both been added and deducted, which adds upp to 0 VAT.

A drilldown of General ledger account 2700 shows the same amount both debit and credit.

Anyone got an idea of why this is happening?

Thanking you in advance for all help

best regards


Check VAT PGs in invoice lines…

You may have copied the Invoice from one with such a customer, where reverse VAT applies. F9 will show zero VAT, as it balances out, but postings will be created.

Found the solution my selv [:)]

When copying from another document, a line with rounding is entered. This line causes VAT calculation to fail. Deleting this line made my new document correct, VAT and all.

By testing things properly - solutions are found!!