Wrong Unit Price during Intercompany transactions

How can I make sure that pricea are not changed during intercompany transactions when changing " confirmed ship date’ ? Actually the confirmation ship date does wipe out the unit price . Thanks

Do you have your pricing set to reference the trade agreements on delivery date and not order date in the parameters?

Hi Adam,

  1. Where are you doing the setup , i didnt find it?

  2. Also I dont have trade agreements on the item. I have a purchase price .

The setup is Sales Ledger Parameters - Prices - Date Type.

If you have this set to anything other than today then when you change the receipt or shipment date then the system would recall the pricing matrix meaning it would re-read the hierarchy and apply the applicable price. It would not delete it, but if you changed it at entry manually it would reset it to what it should be.

In our case, we just changed the " confirmed ship date" manually but the unit price is set to 0 on the sales order. I dont know if it’s a bug or no . Any idea?

It matters if your pricing setup is set to look at it, especially as the confirmed ship date also should update the receipt date to the customer. It then re-reads the price. Your unit price on the sales order or as it is linked the purchase order as well. You have not actually said which transaction is impacted, I have assumed it is the sales price from your description, but if you alter the dates the system can re-read the price files and will read the sales price on the sales order or the trade agreements.

Date type = Today

In our case, we just changed the " confirmed ship date" manually so what could be the problem?

This is what I found: If I change the date on the header, system gives a message to update line and no price change. :slight_smile:

So I guess the way to go is to not use the date on a sales line but on a sales header, which still not make sense as I can have several shipment dates for the same order

I would verify that there are no customizations impacting on the price change and then report it to Microsoft.

OK. thansk for that adam