Wrong unit price and quantity posted in P.O.


I have a single Purchase Order for 14 items and it has the status "invoiced ". All 14 items have been received and inventory is updated. After 12 days it came to know while creating the purchase order , for two items the values with the price and quantity were wrong and typed interchangebly i.e. in the price field quantity has been entered and in quanity field price has been entered.

We are using MS-Dynamis 4.0

Can you please provide me a solution to overcome this issue. I hope your solution will not create inconsistencies with other modules.

Thanks in advance


The option is to update the two lines with negative receive now qty and post the invoice(with receive now option), and then again post the invoice for the lines with changed qty and price, these posting has be to done on the same date in order to avoid the impact on costing, it would be problem if the material is consumed, it would not allow you post the invoice with -ve qty, if nothing is there in the inventory.

The solution obviously will have an impact on the finance, as you will having the increase in the number of voucher generate by the system.

In the above case what would be solution ?

Kranthi thank you so much.

I have checked the stock movement of those two items which contains price and quantity field with interchanged values that ist the price of the item should be 0.50 EACH and quantity should be 2000 but this was been entered 2000 as price and 0.50 as quantity.

what will be adverse impact if we create a credit note for those two items and create a P.O again for those items with right values and update the stock receipt and Invoice update the new P.O

Thanks in advance


Which is another way of looking at, the difference is you will have another purchase order document

If you don’t have the inventory then you cannot pick it(posting -ve qty), then you may need to allow the system for negative physical inventory and financial inventory

Hi Gopinath,

If you does as suggested by Kranthi, I mean the process which he suggested is nothing but a credit note.

when you select the Negative quantity in the Receive now field (ex: -0.50) and post the invoice (with receive now option in Quantity) it will generate credit note.