Wrong Suggestion by Planning Worksheet

Hi everyone,

I have an Item A as an example.

Item A used to have replenishment system = “Production order” and It used to have Vendor C as a subcontractor.

Few weeks before I changed that item like this

Replenishment System = Purchase Order

Deleted BOM and Router from the item card and changed the Vendor to “D” on item card.

Item A has demand in our current system.

Now, Today when I run the planning worksheet using both method “Calculate regenerative plan” and “Calculate net change plan”. The plan is suggesting to fill the demand for item A by creating production order and create a purchase order for the subcontractor vendor C. I could not figure out the problem even after doing all the test.

I did run

---- Calculate low level code

---- Calculate Regenerative plan

---- Cleared the field BOM number and routing number so many times

Nothing worked.

It should suggest to create a purchase order for the vendor D. I checked the item so many times. The item configuration looks correct.

Any sort of help would be really appreciated.



Are you using Stock Keeping Units?

Yes we are using Stock Keeping Units.

Adam thanks for your help. I got it. I did not change on SKU cards. Really Appreciate it.

So have you changed the planning settings at the SKU level, or at the item level? I guess you have a mismatch here, unless you altered the settings above in both places?

Sorry, I meant I changed in the item card but not in SKU card. So once you told me that if I was using SKU card it quickly triggered me. I changed the config in SKU unit and it worked. thanks for your help.