Wrong posting

Dear Dynamics users.

Ive made a mistake, posting af journal with a wrong date on the journal lines. I have withdrawn all the wrong postings.

Can i somehow get up the journal lines again so i can repost it with the correct date? or maybe copy posted lines into a journal? Or do i have to manually type the lines again in the jorunal?

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Hi Simon,

if they are “only” G/L postings (e.g no linked VAT postings), you could consider to change the dates directly in the G/L-Entry table.


Its only movements on the balance accounts.

Is it not possible to copy the transactions into a journal so i just need to change the date? Or do i have to reenter all the journal lines?


Hi! There is no copy functionality but as you are on Nav 2013 you could create the journal from the postings made in excel and then copy into a general journal.

Have you used this functionality at all? If not I can send some brief instructions.

Or probably just as quick to manually type in again.


Dear Neil.

Thank you for you posting!

Im now sure that you mean: Can i copy an array in excel directly into a journal, by usin ctrl+c/v? :slight_smile:


Yes you can copy an area in Excel (number of columns, number of rows) to Dynamics Nav 2013 / 2015 as long as column structure / order the same as the journal you are posting into.

Ever seen this done? If not let me know and I will create some screen shots and a link to our web page where the screen shots are.


Thank you very much Neil.

When im trying to copy-paste my excel lines into the journal, the system tryies to copy all the content in one cell in Navision.

I would very much like to see some screenshots, if possible? :slight_smile: It would be a greate help.


Will sort and send a link to a web page. You are using Nav 2013|?


No im using 2015 :slight_smile:


Not a problem as functionality introduced for the first time in 2013. Working on 2015 screen dumps now.



Instructions on link below:



Thank you Neil, that helped!

Sorry for my late response, i was travelling.

Again thank you very much :slight_smile:


No probs!