Wrong parameters specified error After Data upgrade

Hi all,

I am doing upgrade project from AX 2009 to AX 2012 R3. Data Upgrade is completed successfully. But when i try to open the forms which contains financial dimension tab like Payment Journals, General Journal etc., its throw me ‘Wrong Parameter Specified’.

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You’ll have to do some debugging to identify the cause. It’s impossible to say from your description which method threw the error and why.

Yes i done debugging from LedgerJournalTable Form init() method by open General Journal Form.

In that 100 th Line

dimensionDefaultingController = DimensionDefaultingController::constructInTabWithValues(false, true, financialsDimensionsEnabled, 0, this, tabFinancialDimensions, “@SYS138491”);

@SYS138491 label as ‘Financial Dimensions’.

But In class DimensionDefaultingController - constructInTabWithValues () method

The 7 th parameter str _introGroupLabel is enetered as ’ ’ empty

if ((_formRun == null) ||(_tabPageControlContainer == null) || (_introGroupLabel == ‘’) || (_company == ‘’))


throw error(Error::missingParameter(null));


Is any Parameter i need to set regarding this error?