wrong monthly deprecation


I got a problem regarding monthly depreciation:

We have migrated the Acq cost & Accum.Deprec till 31 Dec 12

When we tried monthly depreciation for Jan-13 (using Calculate Depreciation), the amount was wrong.The calculation was not based on the book value but on the Acqusition cost(without taking into conisderation the accumulated deprec amount)

We are using Nav 2009 .Deprec method used is declining bal 1.

Any help is much appreciated!


There are so much settings involved, it’s hard to understand where the problem is not seeing your system…

I understand it’s a new implementation gone live on 2013-01-01.Please provide more info:

HOW you entered pre-Navision accum.deprec. in FA Ledger? As FA Posting Type=Depreciation or any other way?
Did you enter it in FA Ledger at all OR only in GL?

Hi Modris,

thanks for your reply!

I posted accum.depreciation using FA Journal populated from migration.

FA posting Type =Depreciation.

G/L accounts were posted seperately from general journal and the amounts were acourding the files.The book value for each asset was correct.

We have followed the same procedure even before in other implementations without having any problem at all.

Thanks again for your reply.