Wrong invoice date entered when posting an AP invoice

Hello everybody,

I have made a little mistake when I was posting a vendor invoice:

I entered wrong invoice date and now I want to correct it but I have already posted the invoice which is against a particular purchase order.

Can anybody help me with this issue? How can I correct this mistake?

thank you ver much in advance.

Best regards,


Dear Gyuler,

Just not sure you want to correct it in PPI (Posted Purchase Invoice) or in VAT Entry.

Actually, this case can happen to my customers as well. So, we created another screen called “Undate Vendor Invoice No”, which pool data from VAT Entry Table and allow the users to correct that error.

However, we did in this way because our VAT reports are retrive the data from VAT entry table.

Hope this wil help.


Dear Thitipat,

thank you for your comment. Actually I would like to correct it in the PPI. Is there any way?

thank you in advance!

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We have thought of it but it is never a good thing to do.

I would suggest just create a credit note and make a new PO an post it with a refrence of the old PO.