Wrong information about "financial statement" inside the Dynamics AX HELP (online and offline)


please excuse my bad english. I am Steven from Austria…
I would like to implement a column in my financial statement, type
Inside this column i would like to calculate the ratio from two columns in
percent. Inside the dynamics help i found a formula like this “#1/#2 %”…
But that does not work!!! Immediately after I insert this formula I get an
Infolog message "Warning:
There are syntactic errors in the expression "…

Any Idea?
Thank’s a bomb!

Hi Steven,

Have you tried replacing the % with *100 ?

I do not think that the system likes %

It worked fine for me



Hi Guillaume,

thanks for the reply. I also replaced the % with *100.
But this example shows a problem:

#1 = 100
#2 = 0

(#1/#2) * 100

would be a DIV/0… it happens sometimes that #2 = 0…
so you get hundrets of infolog messages “DIV/0”

Whats your experience with the financial statements in Dynamics V4? I have a really big performance problem!!! Sometimes a report takes 30 minutes and sometimes it only needs a few seconds??? Many times the report is not generated… you have to close your AX client…

I tried it with reports with only one AccountNumber and a depth of 1 Layer. It doesn’t make any difference if I use a small statement (1 layer) or a big
one with 8 layers and 200 AccountNumbers.

Any Idea?

Thanks a bomb for your help!


Hi Steven,

My experience with Axapta is very limited as we only started using it this January.

I have exactly the same problem as you regarding the DIV/0 and I have not found a way to get around it yet.

Do you have a secondary focus in your reports?

I have not been able to run any reports if I added a secondary focus so I tend to stick to one focus at a time.

If I do not have too many DIV/0, my reports take a couple of minutes to run.

If there are too many DIV/0, it can take up to 10mn to run and then 5 more to display the error messages.

Sorry I can not help you more


Hi Guillaume,

sounds not good… I do not need a secondary focus for my reports.I only use accounts and no dimensions such as departments or cost centres.
Have you any contact to Microsoft… I think we both are not alone with this problem!? Every accounts department needs those reports…
Regarding the DIV/0, Microsoft instructed me to remove the help text about the % sign as solution… MS closed the ticket… Funny, isn’t it?

Anyway, I need a solution soon… otherwise the guys from the accounts department will kill me… :wink:

Many thanks for your answer and good luck!

I’m keeping you informed!