wrong in code when catch returned order in total daily invoiced sales

HI guys i want to make report to show total amount sales for specified customer included returned order so that i make grouping to one data item by posting date.i successfully do it

but i don’t know how i show affect of return order

can any one told me how i show effect of returned order in total group of quantity

as ex

posting date quantity amount

01/01/13 500 30000

02/01/13 300 20000

suppose i made return order in day 02/01/13 as quantity 20

it must be 280 but it not affect because grouping in sales invoice line.

i write this code in after get record of sales invoice line table as following

recSalesCrhdr.SETFILTER(recSalesCrhdr.“Applies-to Doc. Type”,’=%1’,recSalesCrhdr.“Applies-to Doc. Type”::Invoice);
recSalesCrhdr.SETRANGE(recSalesCrhdr.“Applies-to Doc. No.”,“SalesInvoiceHeader”.“No.”);


as Sales Cr.Memo Header is recSalesCrhdr and sales invoice header table represent by record SalesInvoiceHeader

Now what is the problem in code above that prevent it from catch returned order quantity

I write this code above but quantity not come 280 wy what is the proplem in code


OK guys thank you it solved

i replace sales invoice header table with sales invoice line table