Wrong calculation in Req.wksheet.

Here we go again… I have a hard time reproducing this in a cronus database, but I can clearly see it happen in my clients database so i thought I might post it here to see if anyone else experienced the same thing. Here’s the scenario: Parameters on SKU: Reorder point: 60 Reorder qty.: 40 Order Multiple: 20 There is 51 on inventory. Nothing on purchase or sales. And i do not get this item inserted in req.wksheet… The 51 in inventory consists of four open entries as below: 55 pcs with 14 rem. 20 pcs with 20 rem. 7 pcs with 7 rem. 10 pcs with 10 rem. The total of remaining qty is 51. So that’s our inventory. It is first when i raise the reorderpoint to 93pcs that i get the item on the requisition line. If we do some maths we can see that this would be correct if the 1st transaction had 55 in rem.qty. But this is not the case! It’s only 14 left on that one. I have debugged so i can see that the temporary table Inventory Profile is filled up correctly. But what then goes on in “Inventory Profile Offsetting”.PlanItem isn’t allways that easy to figure out… Is there anyone that has seen the same problem and might have a solution for it?

Forgot to say it was 3.70. Since 4.0 SP1 is out i did a little test. I imported the codeunit Inventory Profile Offsetting into the 3.70, commented out the things causing compilation errors and added the requiered new keys in some tables. Then it works like charm! It is not much that needs to be commented out. Mostly has to do with ReqLine.SetResiliencyOn. A definition of resilency for us that doesn’t have english as first language: http://www.resiliency.com/htm/whatisresiliency.htm [;)] So. Now the question is: Run on a 4.0SP1 object or spending hours and hours bugging down code in the 3.70 object?