WrkCtrCapRes in AX 2009

Does anyone know how this table gets populated ? I’ve been digging around for hours, so if someoe has a quick answer I’ll appreciate it.

Best - Rene

PS: just realized that the subject line didn’t get posted. It’s: WrkCtrCapRes

It is populated when scheduling production orders (operation scheduling or job scheduling)

Thanks Fabricio - sounds promising. However when I open menu items Operations scheduling or Job scheduling I get “this grid is empty” in both cases. Looks like nothing has been scheduled, yet there are records in WrkCtrCapRes, so how did they get there ? Or am I misunderstanding or overlooking something ?

Identify the resources with reservations (wrkCtrId field) and then go to Work centers form, select the resource, click capacity reservations. See if you see more information there.

When the Production Order is scheduled (Job)

However it will also do it for planned production orders from planning.

Look at the Refid and RefType

Thanks Fabricio & AdamRoue - this helped a lot !

Best - René