Writing Help Files for Navision

Does anyone have any tips/experience of writing Help Files for Navision and what tools did you use ?

Yes, we did. Tool used is the Help Scribble program from JGSoft (www.jgsoft.com). We persuaded the makers to write an additional tool for creating Navision helpfiles (NF uses a way of looking up which topic to display. This reference is in the *.HH files), whereby the linking is done automatically and aliasses can be used. We have a PDF available with a short “how to” guide. Drop me a mail if you like to get a copy mailed. John

Sounds interesting - but what is your mail address?

Hi Just a hint. Try to look in his profile. Regards Andreas

Document received. Dumb quesion: How do I see a profile?

Hi again Just click on the small head above the message, or click the letter icon. Regards Andreas L.

I understand now.

And how is it possible to have your helpfile, made by Helpscribble, called from within Navision ?

The PDF file from John Tegelaar is very helpful on this. Basically you put your help file myfile.hlp and the your header file myfile.hh in the Navision directory. When the user presses F1, Navision will search the hh files for a matching object id, whichever hh file it finds the object id - that is the help file it will use.