Write / Read XML files (Automation)

I need : - a sample code that reads a simple XML file. - a sample code that writes a simple XML file. I found something in CodeUnits 622? but it is not clear how do we initiate/use an XMLdocIn Any explanation ? Thanks Note:Dataports will Export only. i will need to import/export and do some delete/insert commands in the file

Hello Kamal, Maybe you could just create a dataport for your XML needs. You can use Microsoft XLM parser through automation, but I would look into the dataport option first. /Tero

Basically everything you need is XML DomDocument - automation object using which you can create, read and modify any XML structure. Navision Codeunits 622x are just wrapers around DOMDocument. Simpler and faster to write your own custom codeunit that would handle XML for your specific needs. Of course as reference you can use mentioned above codeunits not more. If you are not familiar with handling XML - take a look at any XML Tutorial first. For example MSXML 3.0 SDK http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/xmlsdk30/htm/xmobjxmldomdocument.asp .

Hi, Look in CU 99008514, 99008515, 99008516, 99008517. Navision use xml for biztalk. I used the same automation and structure for create/read xml. Version NA 3.60.