write protected mode in CREATEOUTSTREAM error Image Process


This problem im facing is from another post i made about how to display image on page RTC
without BLOB record, this problem is solved if i run it in localhost server or PC client. But when
we try to implement it in server hosts, occured warning message which sound something about
write protected mode for creating temporary file in server, when i try to trace the error source,
it seems happen in lines CREATEOUTSTREAM, when i try to initiate Createoutstream data for
BLOB record of image.
Is it just a security issue from server configuration or i missed something in my nav page’s?
here is the detail of page that i create :

FileToDownload := “Picture Link”;
Picture.CREATEOUTSTREAM(OStream); // this is when i getting error write protected message

Hosts : Server IBM machine

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions for my problems.