Write Data to eCommerce web site from Nav2009R2.

Dear All,

Can anybody suggest me how to write data to eCommerce website From Nav 2009. Please let me know is there any related information or posts regarding this issue.I want to write shipping agent information to eCommerce web site.

It depends on what website you’re integrating to.

And yes there is lots of related information and posts on this site. You should try to use the search function!

Thanks Erik,

I want to write data to Magento web site(web service).

Ok, then try to search for Magento. [:)]

Did you get an answer to your question?

Otherwise let us know how if there is something else you like to know.

Have a nice day! [:)]

Dear Erik,

I have been solved this issue with using of SQL Server Database(Nav Database) with help of C# code.And is there any possibility to do this itself Nav,can anyone please suggest me to do this issue with Nav itself with out using C#.

You say that Magento has a web service, then you can access this web service directly from NAV.

See these two blog posts:




They are both about connecting NAV to a NAV web service, but the principles are the same for any web service.