Write a File with Tab Delimited

Hi , Is it possible to export data from navision to a file with Tab delimited Format , not using Dataport either using Code unit or Report.I need to Indent the dataitems that’s why i don’t want to use Dataport. Thanks Mohan Mohan Babu

Yes, of course. You can create TAB-delimited files with Dataport, Codeunits and Reports. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Marcus, Can you give me a sample line of code,i don’t know how to specify the tab between two fields. Thanks Mohan Babu


  Tab : Text[1];
  string : Text[250];

  Tab[1] := 9;

  // open file etc.
  string := Number+Tab+Text+Tab+format(decimalVar);
  myfile.write (string);

------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Marcus - I’m pretty sure, that you mean: Tab : Char; If it is Text, I am pretty sure, that it just would put in a 9 in the string :slight_smile:

Hendrik, Marcus’ solution does work. You can use this to get ascii-values in your textstrings. e.g. to put an at position 7 in your text: Text[7] := 13;

Hmm - Eaven after working with Navision Development for 5 years You can still learn something new - That’s what so great about this :slight_smile: /Henrik And Now I just need to try it out by my self …

You know, Henrik, I prefer Text[1] over Char as you cannot use a CHAR in a chained string like


while you can


------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

I Know - I have just tried to do do a codeunit converting “normal text” into a Code128. But I had the problem with the low numbers - I couldn’t get those into text. So I ended up doing my first ever OCX, mainly using the vb sample provided by Navision with that font-pack. Anyways - Mohan - Did You get the information You needed? /Henrik

Thank You Mr. Henrik and Mr. Fabin.I got it and i am able to do what i want… Thanks Mohan Babu