World is not enough

Hi All Is it possible to have third party GUI interface in navision (like navision form opens in itself) Cheers

hi Amit, why do u need third party GUI in Navision. is that u going to use third party tool to run some of ur business logic on it or is it in already in use & u want Navision to Handle all other things except those in the third party tool. I dont see the need to have different GUI for Navision (its my view only dont take it seriously). with regards Vaibhav

Hi All, This again seems like a general topic to me, Amit can you please shift it to the general forum? It will be great if we continue localisation issues here. Namaskar!

Hi Friends, This topic had been initially posted on the India Forum! Since this would be of interest to ALL Navision Users It is being shifted to Navision Attain/Financials- Developer Forum. Regards

Nice work nirupama with regards vaibhav

Hi Amit, I have never seen this happening.