World Conference 2003

Has anybody heard anything about the world conference 2003 (for sales and marketing) yet? Two years ago it was at the end of April (as far as I remember) and the time before it was in May…

It’s now a Microsoft world [:)] Here in North America all of the Navision gatherings have been rolled into previously existing MBS (i.e. Great Plains) meetings. No more Navision only; just one big happy family (with the usual dysfunctional relationships between cousins [;)]).

I recently heard of one “Convergence” conference for Great Plains in North America? Seems they are including “Axapta”, but “Navision” no information found. The link is: Are Microsoft people forgetting “Navision” too early.

Two years ago it also was for Axapta as well as Navision (Attain), but I have not seen anything ab0out it. Maybe Microsoft is to busy rebranding?

At the moment it appears that Axapta is getting the Microsoft attention in the US. There are quite a number of us in the Navision world that are hoping that Navision’s (i.e. Attain’s) broader market base and better sales (some say better than Great Plains) will raise Microsoft’s interest in what is obviously an excellent product. Each person reading these postings should help by asking their local Microsoft sales representatives for more attention for Navision and giving them reasons to do so. The common code base is due out in a couple of years (which means it’s already in the design stage) and if we want Navision’s features to be significantly included, we better get Microsoft to pay more attention to the product now.

Here here Dave!

As far as Axapta getting the push…its simply an issue of who’s the chief technology architect from the old Navision ranks…er Damgaard ranks…namely Preben Damgaard. I’m sure that just as with the original marketing focus on technology that Damgaard pushed here in the US, he’s had the chance to push that within the Microsoft ranks. I’m hoping that Bill Gates will be able to contain his enthusiasm with technology and remember that being able to address customer’s needs…and not simply developing sexy technology with no business need (not that this has been the approach by the Axapta team)…is really what Microsoft should be concentrating on. These past few years of antitrust sentiment have really left the public with a sour taste in their mouths. Somehow Microsoft has got to address the human aspect of all this technology and be able to make sure that we don’t forget who we’re trying to attract as a customer base.