Worksheet Pages in 2013 R2 - Cannot add an Action

I am trying to add an action to Page 291, Req. Worksheet, and am having significant problems. I am looking to add a third option under “Drop Ship”, but no matter what I do within the standard ways of adding Actions, it will not appear. The only way I have found to get the action to appear is to put it in the PromotedCategory Report and then move it to the desired location using Customization, far from a desirable way to handle Page modifications for customers.

I have been unable to find any documentation about modifying Worksheet Actions either official or in any forum. Am I running into a new limitation of the product? Am I completely missing something?

What kind of database are you working on? A standard CRONUS database? If so you need to realize that MS has personalized (among others) this page. This personalization might interfere with your customization. You might try to remove this personalization by MS and see if you then get what you want.