workplanning sheet

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apprceiate your help … i have a question that in workplanning sheet when we run function to calculate the plan … MRP and MPS … i am having the result …but for each date is giving the raw material that will need … how can i gather or assemble the qtys toghther to order all the the raw material in one purchase order … is what i require possible and how ?

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Not 100% sure but I think it depends upon the Reorder Cycle field of Item Card…

thx mohana but i don’t think the rorder cycle can assemble all the quantities in one line for the each raw material required.

and if yes the reodercycle can affect … can you let me know how ?

Help says

In this field, you enter a date formula that sets the planning time frame for the item. The planning calculations use the reorder cycle in the following ways:

  • Requirements that are due within the reorder cycle are grouped together.

  • A replenishment order that is due within the reorder cycle may be rescheduled to fulfill a requirement.

  • The reorder cycle define the time bucket that is used when determining whether the reorder point has been crossed.

thank you mohana … I will tryy and let u know if it’s work …thank u fo ryour help

thx mohana … solved for the same location it can group the orders …

ohh Great.

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